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Special Edition

Mechanical Drive System

  • Patented A4 stainless cog and chain drive system – simple ships wheel concept.
  • Operation is mechanically assisted and requires virtually no physical effort.
  • System runs on deck mounted rails to ensure stability and alignment.
  • Easy access for maintenance with locally sourced replacement components.
  • Adjustable pin box anchors to ensure perfect dimensionality.



  • In-house designs and custom molds.
  • Monolithic construction for rigidity.
  • Flow through design.
  • Meets or exceeds all FINA, USA Swimming, NCAA and local guidelines.
  • Extremely corrosion resistant.


Battery Powered Motorized Option

  • Optional battery powered drive assist makes movement as easy as pressing a button!
  • Can be used with or without standard ships wheel concept.



  • Industry leading 25 year warranty on structure!
  • 10 year Warranty on drive system and accessories!
  • Combined 100 years of experience with well over 500 bulkhead references!


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