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Stark Bulkheads

Starkbulkheads manufacture 100% non-corrosive fiberglass bulkheads without welded seams or nuts and bolts to corrode and deteriorate from stress corrosion due to the pool chemistry. Our one-piece bulkhead maintains its strength and does not have the trampoline effect experienced with metal or sectional bulkheads which have to maintain air at all times for structural integrity.

Stark has been building and installing fiberglass bulkheads since 1965. 99% of bulkheads we have built are still being used today. We own all the molds, tools and buildings, necessary for quality construction, and the average length of time of employment of our employees is over ten years. We are not like other manufacturers that subcontract out their bulkhead fabrication and therefore lose control of time of delivery and quality construction.

We are so confident in our product we offer a twenty-five year structural warranty. This is not a deceptive prorated warranty where you pay all “labor” cost after one or two years, but a full structural warranty. We will send you a copy upon a request.

Starkbulkheads have been tested and used in high schools, colleges, and natatoriums throughout the world, and have received overwhelming approval from design engineers, aquatic directors, swimming coaches, and instructors because of their rigidity, ease of movement, and versatility.


Our double box monolithic type construction creates strength in our bulkheads far greater than any other bulkheads on the market today. The one-piece unit is built with a horizontal fiberglass shelf at water line, which permits multiple lane lines to be installed without creating side deflections. The take off platform anchors go through the topdeck and continue on through the water line shelf. This makes the starting platforms very rigid and swimmers tell us they have “no give” like on other type bulkheads.

The side walls are solid below the water line, and unlike the lattice type bulkheads where fingers and toes can become lodged, ours are smooth and rigid, allowing strong take-off and kick turns. With full openings at the water line, which not only provides a handhold, but also lets the swimming bow waves pass through without rebounding.

Wheels are not necessary since the bulkheads are made to float, not roll, for repositioning without damaging pool or deck tile. By injecting air into patented air chambers, two people can move them with veritable ease to a new location. Then by ejecting all the air, the bulkheads are anchored firmly into the desired position.

These many unique features of the Stark fiberglass bulkheads give competitive swimmers a greater advantage as they help to create a “fast pool” and give the swimmers that extra fraction of a second needed for the elusive world’s record.